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The Curated Future Of News Radio

255-379The digital content disruption continues. Whilst print media have been grappling with this for some time and the music industry has also been coming to terms with new forms of content distribution such as Spotify, it appears the next frontier of curation could be news & information content. Whilst this has typically been the domain of public radio, with a combination of location services and curated content from around the world we have started to see a new wave of applications which empower the user to curate their own news rather than rely on local radio to do it for them.

Early examples of this are Agogo and Swell. Recently launched, they pose a new challenge to traditional media outlets by creating new listening experiences for consumers of talk and news. They bring together segments of audio from news sites around the world into customizable and curated streams based around themes such as Business & Finance or Sports. Whilst they can also provide limited local information such as traffic reports based on location services, public radio still has the upper hand in terms of local content creation with the power of their own local journalists and talent. This is something that still gives public radio the upper hand for the moment – somebody needs to create the content in the first place.

However continuing the overarching trend of media money moving into digital, these types of platforms will no doubt over time see more of our traditional media money moved into digital and mobile whether they are independent apps or locally owned by networks, watch this space!



CES 2012 Trends & BBDO Digital Labs Round Up

CES is held every year in Las Vegas, where the worlds leading innovators in technology gather to showcase their new products and share their vision for the future. This year was no different and BBDO Digital Labs TV was on hand to report live with key figures in the technology industry. I thought I’d put together a summary of some key trends from the event and round up the Digital Labs TV coverage.


-Smarter TVs: Simplicity of control was a theme here, with the latest models featuring voice commands, gesture controls and even facial recognition. This is made possible with increased processor power & built in cameras & microphones. These more intuitive gestures make accessing apps & services a much easier prospect.

– Improved Screen Technology: Thinner, larger & with higher detail then ever before. Sony for example, unveiled a Crystal LED display which has 4 times the detail of current HD.

-Ultrabooks: These thin, light & instant on machines were popular among manufacturers. Netbooks on steroids, the standouts were the HP Envy Spectre & the Lenovo Yoga.

-Mobile: A number of smart phones were announced, including Intel’s first foray into the market. Smart phones are clearly a growing area as mobile network speeds continue to increase. Could 2012 be the year of 5G?

-Networking: Wireless technologies & networks were of interest, with some products showing off concepts of islands of 60ghz network connectivity around your TV for example, allowing super fast speeds within that room, then tapering off around the rest of the house.

BBDO Digital Labs TV CES 2012 Coverage Round Up

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